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Eat Healthy – Live Healthy

Further than yet formerly we are go-getting to liv... Read More

  • Eat Healthy – Live Healthy

    Eat Healthy – Live Healthy

    Further than yet formerly we are go-getting to liv... Read More

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    Fast Food – Major Risk

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Top 10 lunch ideas

Top 10 lunch ideasWhether you are a working mom or a stay at home one, one thing that you probably fret about every now and then is what you are going to pack for your kids’ school lunches the next day. Your kids won’t like sandwiches every day, even if you try and experiment with the fillings as much as you can. To help you innovate in the kitchen and keep your kids healthy and happy, we have listed the top ten lunch ideas you can start using right from today!

  • You can make a banana dog in a bun. Take a hot dog bun and slice in half.
    Spread cream cheese or peanut butter on one half and honey on the other. Put a peeled banana inside, and add brown sugar, raisins, or chopped almonds as a topping. Filling and wholesome.
  • Try a veggie wrap if you are a family of vegetarians. Spread cream cheese on a tortilla roll and put in a filling of vegetables steamed and stir fried in olive oil, with salt to taste. Wrap the tortilla into a roll and throw in a lunch bag. Don’t forget to seal.
  • You can do a variation of the veggie wrap with chicken. Boil and de-bone the chicken and saute with chopped onions, a little garlic, cubes of tomato, salt and pepper. Before wrapping up the tortilla, add a little mustard. Instead of the cream cheese, use mayonnaise.
  • Macaroni steamed and light fried with a dollop of butter with a little salt and pepper is a great filler. Top it off with grated cheese.
  • Make meatballs the night before, and serve on a bed of rice. Add some lettuce and steamed vegetables and on the side, have an optional sauce. It works best if the sauce is hot and sour.
  • Boiled and chopped eggs make for great sandwich fillings. Add tomato ketchup, a dash of butter, pepper, salt and little rings of onions and chopped parsley. Layer between two slices of brown bread for a tasty, easy delicacy.
  • However much your kids may hate it, one day of the week, have them stick to fresh fruit. You can also pack them canned fruit in natural juices. But fruit in syrup is a no-no.
  • It might take a while to cook, but pork or chicken dumplings are a very healthful option. Cook the meat lightly and spice them with a light sauce. Wrap in a sheet of dough and steam until cooked.
  • Throw in fruit muffins and chocolate chip cookies made at home rather than ones you bought. They will be lower on calories but the children will love it. Apple cake and yogurt are good for kids with a sweet tooth.
  • One day of the week, give your kids enough money to buy lunch. Do not try to monitor what they will be buying. They need this bit of independence, but do encourage them to stick to light and healthful options rather than deep fried, heavy foods.

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