Eat Healthy – Live Healthy
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Eat Healthy – Live Healthy

Further than yet formerly we are go-getting to liv... Read More

  • Eat Healthy – Live Healthy

    Eat Healthy – Live Healthy

    Further than yet formerly we are go-getting to liv... Read More

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Staying healthy with good food

Staying healthy with good foodYou don’t need to spend a fortune on food to stay healthy and have high levels of energy. A lot of people lead perfectly healthy lives, and yet they spend only a small fraction of their month’s budget on food. You need not buy organic food or expensive supplements and shakes to be fit. All you need is a balanced diet. In this article we will tell you how you can spend a modest amount on food and at the same time get your fill of all essential nutrients.

To save money on food, the first thing you should try and avoid is shopping for groceries
and ingredients at the supermarket. Try visiting your local vegetable vendor and grocer instead. You can get your meats from the local butcher. Yes, you have to do some dressing and curing then, but just think of how much you can save. Local store prices are often significantly lower than their counterparts in supermarkets. By buying from your local market you will also be making a positive contribution to the local micro economy.

If you have to shop at the supermarket, make a list of exactly what you need. Don’t overbuy. For instance, if you need three cartons of milk to last you a week, don’t buy four, even if you get the fifth for free. You may think you got a great deal, but four cartons will cost you more than three, and you don’t even need the fifth one that comes for free. Similarly, buy fruits and vegetables by number rather than by weight. The same goes for eggs. Buy a dozen and use them all up in a week. Only then should you go back and get the next dozen. Never be tempted by offers on food. Only the buy one get one free offers make some sense. But don’t fall for these if you don’t need the food.

Packaged foods are fairly more expensive than home cooked food. They are not good for your body if you continue to consume them over an extended period of time (they are much higher on calories than what you rustle up at home). You can make the same things at home with a little guidance from a cook book. Trust us; they will turn out more delectable if you put your mind to it.

Stick to food that is easy to cook. For your kids’ lunches, make sandwiches with different fillings. Cook in large amounts and freeze what you won’t need or the next meal. You can thaw them in the microwave for subsequent meals. To save energy, eat raw salads with a light dressing and gorge on fruit. Cooking in the microwave is more eco friendly than cooking on a stove.

Eat out as less frequently as possible. You could set aside a couple of days a month for dining out if you can’t live without it. That comes as a huge money saver, and helps you stay healthy too.

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